Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA. Trey started writing poetry and raps as a teen. Trey originally started writing poetry as a way to cope with the pain from being separated from his parents due to their addiction to rock cocaine. Trey was raised by his grandmother. In High school Trey formed a group with his best friend at the time, Kyle Poole. They would call themselves G.F.S. Ghetto Funky Style, which they would later change the acronym to Ghetto FELO Steelo . The two later got signed to a Tampa Bay based record label called. F.L.A. Records which released singles from artist such as Squirrel on the Movie Booty Call's soundtrak "Let Me See You Squirrel". GFS didn't stay signed to the label very long.  Those days Trey went by many names Young Iz, Jacob Iz, and Jacob Izrael. With majority of his songs released under the name Jacob Izrael. In 2013 he decided to go with a name that he thought best fit him, a name that's closer to his birth name Tredale McCullough. Trey, has shared the stage with artist such as Salt N Pepa, The Roots, Caskey (Cash Money Records) and many more. He's recorded songs with National Recording artist such as Nappy Roots, Khujo Goodie of Goodie Mob, Dizzy Wright, 3D Na'tee and many more.